Unity might be detecting wrong Direct X Version

I just wanted to know if this is a problem or a glitch. When I open up Unity at the top it says that is using Direct X 9. But when you go to check what Direct X version you have by Start>>Run>>dxdiag, it says I have Direct X 12. I have a old Graphics Card which is the Ati Radeon X 1600xt running on Windows 10. Just wanted to know if I am mistaken and if anyone would like to explain it to me on where my mistake is?

Well, with a quick glance online (newegg product listing, specifically), the video card supports up to DirectX9. So, this suggests that dxdiag IS NOT properly detecting your video card’s features, while Unity is.

Strangely, Unity doesn’t have support to Direct X 10. That might sound weird, but it’s true. I’ve had an issue with it some months ago. Made my metallic materials look weird.

The only way to fix it is really using a DX9, 11 or 12 video board.


Sorry, I did read your question wrong (thought you were sayin you have DX10, when you have only Win10). On this case, I totally agree with @Eno-Khaon . Really it might be your dxdiag.

Again, sorry for my misunderstanding of your question.