Unity Mixed Reality Template misconfigured for HoloLens 2

I have been testing cross-platform with the Unity MR template in Unity 2022.3.21f1 with Microsoft.MixedReality.OpenXR 1.9.0.

When building with the meta openxr plugin and targeting quest pro, this works as expected.

On HoloLens2, hands track correctly but hand rays do not appear. This appears to be because the values for the Ray interactor pose refer to Aim Position and Aim Rotation, which are present in the Meta OpenXR plugin.

(There are some other visual artifacts regarding plane tracking but this is not as much of a concern for me).


Setting these values to use the same position/rotation sources as the left/right controllers (fallback vector3/quaternion) resolves the tracking issue. I also noticed this is how it is done in the MRTK samples.

To get ray interaction to work with the scene elements (Unity UI i.e. pausing and playing the video) correctly I also needed to add Grip (maps to squeeze on HL) to UI Press and UI Press Value which currently are currently also specified as meta-specific values.