Unity Mobile Notifications does not add Push Notification Capability to XCode Project

My Unity 2019.3 project is using the Unity Mobile Notifications library, version 1.0.3

using Unity.Notifications.iOS;

According to the Player Settings iOS documentation, the “Automatically add capabilities” option (when checked) should add the “Push Notifications” capability to my XCode project. I do not see this behavior occurring.

I tried including the legacy system in my code to nudge the “Automatically add capabilities” feature. No effect.


I tried adding the capability with a post-build script. No effect.

public void OnPostprocessBuild(BuildReport report)
    if (report.summary.platform != BuildTarget.iOS) return;
    var file_name = "gamename.entitlements";
    var buildPath = report.summary.outputPath;
    var proj_path = PBXProject.GetPBXProjectPath(buildPath);
    Debug.Log("proj_path: " + proj_path);

    var proj = new PBXProject();

    var target_name = "Unity-iPhone";
    var target_guid = proj.GetUnityMainTargetGuid();

    string entitlementsFilePath = target_name + "/" + file_name;
    var capManager = new ProjectCapabilityManager(proj_path, entitlementsFilePath, target_name, target_guid);
    capManager.AddPushNotifications(development: false);

I have noticed that there are two entitlement files: “Entitlements.entitlements”, and “gamename.entitlements”.

“Entitlements.entitlements” has a single entry for SignInWithApple that IS added to the XCode project Capabilities.
“gamename.entitlements” has a single entry for APS Environment that IS NOT added to the XCode project Capabilities.

I suspect these files have something to do with this madness. Please help.

See my comment here

Thanks. Those troubleshooting steps plus deleting and rebuilding my XCode project fixed it.