Unity Model Requirements

I am modeling with the latest version of blender, and did my materials inside of it. I am brand spanking new at this.

I am following the space shooter tutorial, and adding my own models into the game. I have tried exporting as .blend and .fbx, the model can be seen if I drag it into the workspace, however, if I drag the mesh of my object to mesh component of my player object, the model doesn’t show up.

I’ve imported the .FBX files provided and compared them to my model, and am having a hard time figuring out what step I am missing to create working models for unity.

Here is my super basic model. Like I said, compare this to the assets provided for the space shooter tutorial provided on this site. https://filetea.me/t1sgCvrmY9qTI6N7oMxXxOOtw


The file download URL you provided seems to be broken (in my Firefox on Windows it just leads to a blank page).

By the looks of your post, it seems that you already created a GameObject with a MeshFilter component and try to put your imported mesh into this component. Is that correct ? If so, do you also have a MeshRenderer component on the same GameObject ? This is a bit weird, but you need both a MeshFilter AND a MeshComponent (both active, on an active gameObject with active parents) for something to show up.