Unity moving an object to the world origin in play mode.

So I have an object with animation. I originally thought that the animation was moving it to the origin, so I deleted all of the references to location in the animation. This seemed like the solution, but nothing changed. How do I fix this?

The object has no scripts, only an animation controller. It isn’t a child of any other object, either.

Remove the animation controller. If it doesn’t move to origin, there you have it.
If you made the animation in a 3d program, try to delete non deforming history on the model you animate, reset transformation and then freeze. Then animate it.

Since i’m not that experienced, i’d try to make the object as a child of an empty object at 0,0,0, and move the parent. The child will alway be at 0,0,0 that way in relation to its parent.
It’s a cheap cheat solution if you can’t fix it.