Unity MultiPlayer Game Implementation Requirements.

Hi Friends,

I am Going To manage A Multiplayer Game system, But there are some requirements.

I am looking for features like :-

  1. User management.
  2. Avatar management.
  3. Leaderboards (many of them).
  4. Achievements and Challenges (user created and developer created).
  5. Microtransactions support (virtual currency).
  6. Possibility to support many platforms (we are using Unity3D engine, so Unity3D support is a great advantage for us).
  7. Support for players on different continents - If I were to choose Backend as a Service solution hosted by tech provider - I need to be sure it will offer proper support for players from different locations - this usually means having data centers at least in US and Europe.

Some basic additional features like:-

  1. Analytics For My Game.
  2. Scheduled Push Notification.
  3. Social integration (like On Facebook, twitter, linkdIn).
  4. Setting Up Rewards.
  5. Messaging between friends Or Buddy Management.
  6. MatchMaking.

I’ve searched for months and Existing solutions I found so far are :-

  • OpenFeint.
  • App42 Cloud API.
  • Kinvey.

So to sum up: What are your experiences with building server backends? Which way or technology would you recommend? Is there a technology or approach I am missing?

Thanks in advance,

Try photon >> https://www.exitgames.com

and buddy>> http://buddy.com/

Look onto App42 Backend API’s which will provide a complete backend support to your app.
Which fill all the feature that you have required.

Some of your wanted features are acctually quiet specific. When developing a multiplayergame, you most likely end up coding lots of the systems yourself to have full controll, and thats acctually what I’d suggest anyone to do.

As of available and fireproofed networking backends, which will greatly speed your workflow up and already do have stuff like matchmaking and user management integrated, aswell as database support and general networking:

→ Photon Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
→ Bolt Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
→ UnityPark Suite http://developer.muchdifferent.com/unitypark/Downloads

Personally I use the UnityPark Suite since it basically covers everythinga good multiplayer backend needs. Tho, the license is rather costy.