Unity Multiplayer Limit

Please help!

Unity Pro stated that it accepts 200 concurrent Players.
I do not understand.

I want to make a game where 2 people enter a room and fight!
The two people only communicate with each other.
Can I have infinite rooms but only have a limit of 200 players per room?
Or can I only have 100 rooms, with a total of 200 active players in my game.

100 rooms with 200 active players.
if you ask why then it is because the network manager by default uses the unity matchmaking servers that you have to pay for, what they offer? they show clients the active servers that other players have created and let them connect to, if you want to have unlimited players you have to make your own server (I use a database where I store the active matches and remove them once they go offline and every time a client runs the game he will get the active servers list from that database).