Unity multiplayer quiz game,how to get the same question on both?

Hi all, I’m making multiplayer quiz game now .

I use PUN2 ,and both can get into the same scene.

Because I not good at use MySQL or other database , so I store the questions with JSON.

If I don’t use the database , can I let the both to get the same qusetion?

Currently, I try to use PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient to check, but it can’t work.

Can someone give me a suggestion? Thank you !

public void RandomRound() 
        if (PhotonNetwork.IsMasterClient)
            randomNum = Random.Range(0, 69);
            randomChNum = Random.Range(0, 10);
            quizCon.index = randomNum;
            queChinese.index = randomChNum;
            clientNum = randomNum;
            clientChNum = randomChNum;
            quizCon.index = clientNum;
            queChinese.index = clientChNum;

Read into RPC’s. Synchronize the questions number using a RPC or synchronize the random generators seed at startup to generate the same random numbers.