Unity Multiplayer with mirror and car collision physics issue

Hi guys,
i’m trying to make an online racing game with Mirror but I’m new to unity and this Framework…so i’ve some difficulties.

The problem is that whenever one player hit the other one, the player that was hit is like a wall…in single player mode, with the same prefabs, the other car moves on collision and eventually flip over, but in multiplayer no.

I add a network transform to the car prefabs. The car has a rigid body and 4 wheel collider. I apply torque to them to move the car. I don’t use any [Command], [Client] etc annotation…so I think each client control each car and move it throught keyboard input (i don’t know if this is correct…or if the server should move the car and then notify the client (how?) ).

I link a video of what happens, so you have a better understand of my problem.
If you need other info/screenshot of the editor, ask me!

Video link

Yeah same problem did you solve that ?