Unity Multiplayer

The main elements of my RTS game are pretty much done but there are a few questions I have about making a multiplayer server and integrating the mechanics from my game to that. I already signed up for a server with Photon Cloud Servers but I’m not sure how to integrate it into my game. Already integrated into my scripts is a number value representing the player the unit belongs to. My questions:
-How do I have a single camera for every single player?
-My fog of war works with a state of revealing or not… how do I make an enemy unit not reveal (turn off the boolean) but make a friendly unit reveal (turn on the boolean) for every single player?
-How do I make friendly units selectable/controllable and enemy units not so? I have bools for every control unit to be controlled or not but I’m not sure how to turn them on and off for certain players.

I think these will point me in the right direction. Any other pieces of advice would be a great help. Thanks in advance!

check this guy out, nice tutorials!