unity network how to enter a car?

hi guys i want to know how to enter and exit a car in mulltyplayer ( i can do it in single player)

im now working on that problem for 3 days and i cant fugure it out

can you pleas sent me in the right direction

thanks in advanced.

Probably the easiest method is to just attach a Network view to it like you have your players. This should allow it to be viewable by all other players. You can then control it as you would in Single Player and it will send the cars position to the other players automatically.

To stop others getting into the driving seat I would send a quick RPC when the player gets in and out which updates a boolean on the cars script indicating it is currently occupied.

aah i know it im soo stupid i want to activate an deactivaded object while the activate scipt is on that object i will give it a try thanks