Unity Network Manager Android not connecting

Hello I am novice in networking, so maybe it is a stupid question. I added Unity stadard Network scripts to my project (Manager to manager object, Idetity to prefab etc.). Standalone<–>Editor woks fine. But non Standalone<–>Android, Editor<–>Android, Android<–>Android not working.
I added network and internet permissions to manifest.
Network Discovery is working (!) Android device identify ip addresses via broadcast, but don’t want to connect.
All devices connected to same wifi and has internet.

Ok I fixed my issue that was the same as this. So I thought id type an answer since there isn’t one here already. My fix was simply to make the port forwarding correct for my Android device. I had forgotten to set a Static IP on my phone, and also the port forwarding was only done for my desktop PC (I realised this when I was able to connect the game in my phone to my PC (with pc as host but not vice versa). All I had to do was static IP my phone, and then set up a port forwarding. I can now host using my Android device.

Now, onto figuring out how to make it so every user of my game ever doesnt have to manually port-forward their own machines to host the games :confused: urmmmmm ?!?>!?!?! help lol