Unity Network Problems, Player joins as server.

Hey, I am having troubles with my multiplayer game, i am just a beginer at Unity and this is my first adventure into the world of networks. I have a login screen that works fine and when the person logs in, the main level is loaded and hes connected to the network. Whats supposed to happpen now is that if the player joins as server he sees the server console if not he is spawned as a player prefab. This is not the case. The player does infact see the server console, also when once i got it working the clients did not see eatchother nor did the server see the clients apart from the original prefab.

On my player prefab i have this script : Click me!

On my main camera (the server console) i have this : Click me!

My scene looks like this : Click me!

I have network view on the player prefab and it observes itself (so that it can see other players (I think)) and a network view on the camera so that it sees the other clients (I hope) I hope that this is fixable, and can any expert there shed me some light on this situation?

hey mate ! well your problem seems to be pretty much everything i would suggest looking for a nice video tutorial on the net and just build a game based on that :wink: here is a very nice series i can highly recomand !!! GTGD S1.1 The Beginning - Unity Multiplayer Tutorial - YouTube