Unity Network Transform delay

I’m having trouble with delay with network transform.
I’ve tried making a new really simple game just to test it, but the delay is still there.

What I’ve done in the simple project is:
Create a NetworkManager with and added Network Manager HUD
Used Auto Create Player in NetworkManager to spawn players, that can move forward and backwards beside each other.

When i test it there is like half a second delay between the players. Which is a major problem when the main game I’m trying to make is a football game, with means you’re unable to play around the ball, when you can’t know where the enemy player is accurately.
I know you can change the Interokation on the NetworkTransform, but that doesn’t really help with the huge delay. Am I missing something, or is NetworkTransform just slow?

After testing it seems like “Interpolate Movement Factor” in the network transform is the problem. Because the delay is way lower if i just simply use Commands and ClientRpc with no interpolation, or drop interpolation to 0 and increase snap threshold to a big number.
Isn’t interpolation suppose to predict where the object is? (I’m only running straight) Because it seems like it is putting a delay on everything to make it seem smooth instead.