Unity Network Transform Not Syncing for Clients [UNet]

I have gameobject which on key press/collision is parented/unparented with the player who collides with it. The parenting is how I move the gameobject so that it moves along with the player. I have the player movement synced correctly but when the parented object moves this movement is not replicated to the connected clients. The gameobject has the necessary Network Transform and Identity components attached and local player authority is enabled. I parent the gameobject to the local player by check ifLocalPlayer().

How do i go about notifying clients that the gameobject is now parented to the player and for it to update its version if the gameobjects position so the movement is replicated and synced.

Thanks in advance.

send a command to the server from the client that’s about to do the childing. then just send an RPC from the server to child the objects.
remember this pattern since it’s the one most important chain of calls to get things across the network.

Got it working. Thanks @hexagonius