Unity networking ClientRPC doesnt sending variable

First im sorry for my english bad.
I have a like that script ;

	void CmdSpawnYoldaki()
		CarAIBrain_Network cab;
		cab = yoldakiAraba.GetComponent<CarAIBrain_Network>();
		var g = Instantiate(CarPrefabs[cab.nowCar-1], cab.transform.position, cab.transform.rotation) as GameObject;
		GameObject g2 = g.gameObject;
		spawnedYoldaki = g2.gameObject;
		NetworkServer.Spawn (g);
		NetworkServer.Destroy (yoldakiAraba);
	void RpcDegNew(GameObject sr)
		Debug.Log (sr.name);
		spawnedYoldaki = sr.gameObject;

My code only working on Server because i have to send my “spawnedYoldaki” variable to client.Im trying send command to clients with RpcDegNew void, not sending variable.Please help :frowning:

My game (GREENLIT): Steam Community :: Error

The object doesn’t exist on the client yet. You’re instantiating the object on the server and making the rpc. The object needs to be spawned first.