Unity Networking, How to handle multiple scenes.

I did the tutorial : Multiplayer Networking did a 2D version of it and I wanted to add upon this as a lot network games do not handle everything in 1 scene. So I wanted to try something and have 2 players connect to that tutorial (just like the tutorial shows) and in that tutorial I have a square that when you collide it will take that player that collided with the box to another scene.

Now what I am currently using is “LoadSceneAdditive” when I decide to change the scene but on both of my clients I see a major overlap (I literally just added a scene changer script to the Unity demo “Multiplayer Networking”). Now the scene I want to send the player colliding with the square sees the new scene + the old scene.

First off, is this the right approach? If not please help and direct me to the correct way of handling this.

If this is the right approach :
So this got me thinking, if I plan on using this (assuming this is the right way to handle it) should I be making my scenes so that their respected location in the Unity world does not share the same locations as other scenes?

Example would be for my 2D game is Main1.scene starts at location (0,0,0) and Main2.scene is also at location (0,0,0) which I would see as an overlap but if I say take Main2.scene and start at location (20,20,0)

5 days and nothing? No mods or anyone know anything about networking and multiple scenes?

I’m not aware of any Unity method called LoadSceneAdditive. Did you mean LoadLevelAdditive (which is deprecated), or LoadScene, passing the Additive scene mode?

You should be using the second but, either way the outcome is essentially the same - when you load a scene additively you are loading its assets and placing them in the hierarchy in addition to whatever already may be there. So, yes, if all your scenes contain an object positioned at (0, 0, 0) then when you load those scenes additively all the objects will overlap.

You either need to specify the “Single” load scene mode if you want to replace all the assets in the hierarchy with those from the newly-loaded scene. Or, if you meant to add them to the existing hierarchy then you need to position the assets in each scene so that they don’t overlap with objects from other scenes.