Unity Networking synchronize 3DText's

Hello guys, I am currently stuck working on a 2D game, a little bit like ‘realm of the mad god’ but that’s not important, the important thing is, I am instatiating a character (from a Prefab) and it’s working fine with the “NetworkView” in-built component from unity, however, I like to synchronize a players nametag and the chat below as well, but I just can’t think of a proper way to do so in Unity (It`s my first time in Unity making something for Network).

Here’s how I call the NameTag Change from the mainscript:

CharacterScript.SetTag(playerName, level);

Here’s the script from inside the CharacterScript:

public static void SetTag(string name, int level)
	playerLevel = level;
	playerName = name;

So, how can I synchronize this that it’s being changed for every user (not just for each client)

(If you dont really get what I am trying to achieve, imagine in RPGs where you have the playerlevel above each player, that`s what I want, well and more…)

Any help is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I would make SetTag an RPC function:

public void SetTag(string name, int level)
     playerLevel= level;
     playerName = name;

and call it :

networkView.RPC("SetTag", RPCMode.All, pName, pLevel);