[unity networking] unable to spawn a bullet moving forward with rigidbody on client

Really sorry for my stupid question and my English. I am very new in unity networking.
As mentioned in the title, I tried to spawn a bullet but unable to.

My game now has a shooter Instantiated in the middle when the server starts.
The shooter can shoot at a total of 5 different points randomly which will rotate and shoot everywhere. The rotation of the shooter is synced but the bullet is unable to spawn.


  1. I have registered Spawnable prefabs
    for Shooter and bullet
  2. Both shooter and bullets have
    network identity and network

The error message is

  • did not find target for sync message

Below is my script
This is to spawn my shooter when the server starts
public class GMDodgeBullet : GMParent
public GameObject myShooter;
GameObject m_MyInstantiated;
public GameObject shooterPos;

public static bool canShoot;

public override void ServerStart()
    canShoot = true;
    //Instantiate the Prefab
    m_MyInstantiated = Instantiate(myShooter, shooterPos.transform.localPosition, shooterPos.transform.localRotation);
    //Spawn the GameObject you assign in the Inspector


The below script is attached to my shooter
[Header(“Bullet Settings”)]
public GameObject bulletPoints;
GameObject currentPoint;
public Rigidbody bullets;
public int bulletSpeed;
public float currentSpawnBulletRate;
GameObject serverBullet;
int index;

bool spawnInterval;

private void Start()
    spawnInterval = true;
    currentSpawnBulletRate = 1;

IEnumerator SpawnBullet()
    while (GMDodgeBullet.canShoot)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(1);
        index = Random.Range(0, bulletPoints.Length);
        currentPoint = bulletPoints[index];
		Debug.LogError("HIHIHIHIHI " + index);

void ShootBullet()
    Rigidbody bulletClone = Instantiate(bullets, currentPoint.transform.localPosition, currentPoint.transform.localRotation);
    bulletClone.velocity = currentPoint.transform.TransformVector(new Vector3(0, 0, bulletSpeed));
    Destroy(bulletClone.gameObject, 1f);


Please help me

After the long troubleshooting and searching for answers, I found out that the Network Identity is the one causing the problem. I checked Server only which is wrong. Server only needs to be unchecked.

Thank you for those who read my question