Unity New Input System stops working when activating Steamworks.net

This is on Unity 2020.2.0b5 and 2020.1.8f1.
Gamepad is an original XBox Wireless Controller. Everything works great provided that Steamworks.net is NOT initialized.

When Steamworks.net is initialized, Unity action callbacks are not invoked anymore. Also, low-level InputControl.ReadValueAsObject returns always 0.
This issue persists if the game is stopped and restarted in the editor, even if Steamworks is not initialized anymore. The only way to get the gamepad working again is closing Unity, re-opening, and avoid initializing Steamworks.

Please advise. Thanks !

You might find some info here. Rewired Documentation | Troubleshooting

Thanks for the link, We are not using Rewired, but I’ll definitely check that page to see if there’s some useful info.

Meanwhile, Unity has confirmed they know about this bug and it’s being tracked here: