Unity New Pricing & Plan

Hello Unity, I have a question about New Unity pricing, and I don’t understand what they are I mean, I’m a unity personal user, my question is the new pricing system is apply when launch my game? or its monthly rate whatever I’m doing with Unity.

And one more confusion is if a personal Unity user game makes revenue under $100,000 USD than it will apply too? or NO.

It’s not “your game makes $200k”. The $200k limit (which is currently $100k actually, it will become $200k when you use 2023 LTS) is about revenue and funding (from any source) within the last 12 months. So if you have multiple games, or your business do other things on the side, or you got some funding, add all that up and if they are over $200k you need to pay $2k (soon to get more expensive) / per year / per seat.

Please read the terms here: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/TermsOfService/blob/master/Unity%20Software%20Additional%20Terms.md

And the FAQ here: Changes to pricing and Unity plans 2023 FAQ | Unity

According to the latest ToS (April 3, 2023)

They are taking Total finances into their calculation, not per game.

TermsOfService/Unity Software Additional Terms.md at master · Unity-Technologies/TermsOfService · GitHub

The ToS would likely be updated for 2023 LTS when it’s released next year (2024).

The new pricing plan will work for all games once they’re published on any store, meaning whatever you do with your game locally doesn’t matter (Development, testing etc…)

Since you have the Personal license, you won’t be concerned until your game makes $200k within 12 months.

If you cross $200k in 12 months you’ll be required to upgrade to Unity Pro and you’ll get a new threshold set to $1M within 12 months, and when you cross $1M in 12 months you’ll pay 2.5% or a fee on new engagements above what it took to reach $1M, you’ll pay the lowest between them.