Unity new version recquires a hotfix?

Hi everyone,

I just got the new version of Unity and as I installed it on my computer that have Windows 7 64 bits, I could open the software just fine, until it shows me this error message at the bottom:

Your 64 bit Windows installation is missing an important service pack patch. Please apply http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976038 to ensure stability.

I went on the Microsoft link but the hotfix seems complicated to install, since you have to go in the system’s registry… which is something I don’t want to mess with because it is my work computer… is there anyone who knows a solution to this hotfix problem? Is there an easier way?



I believe that windows 7 SP1 includes this hotfix. You may prefer to install that service pack.

I too have same problem. So, someone give solution for this . . .