Unity not building used assets

In my project i have a player with shooting and running animations. When i build my project to the android platform unity doesn’t include those animations. The player gets loaded in the scene when it is starting.

I “Fixed” the problem by placing the character model in the scene with its animations.

Though this is just to work around the problem and not actaully fixing it. I would like to know why this is happening and how i can fix this properly :slight_smile:


It isn’t just animations. it also just happend with a texture. in the game was an emeny without a texture and everything else about it was just working fine.

After researching for a while i think it has something to do with the error i am getting when building. and i think it is related to this issue.


Be sure that everything you like to use in your game have to be referenced by the scene which like to use it , or you use the resources folder for loading them later.

Everything that is not referenced by a object in the scene will be stripped from the game to make it smaller / more performance.