Unity Not Conecting To Vidual Studio

I am trying to code on Unity’s 2023.2.20, but for some reason, on the visual studio, it doesn’t show I have any errors even though on Unity, it does. And When I try and use essential functions like On Trigger Enter, it doesn’t auto-fill like it usually does. I have to type out the whole private void OnTriggerEnter().

What separates me from other people’s problems I find online is that the same visual studio works in different versions, like 2019, but for some reason, not 2023.

Firstly, I have visual studios 2019 assign.
Secondly, There is no Regenerate project Files in 2023.2.20

Hi, you may have to assign the external script editor in the preferences tab underneath external tools and hit the regenerate project files button. Don’t forget to save your project first.

This means intellisense isn’t working for unity development, Because OnTriggerEnter is unity specific C#, Go to the package manager > Unity Registry : from there find the Visual Studio Editor, Install this package.