Unity not responding after opening a script

Today I woke up and opened up the project I’m working on and tried opening up one of the scripts and the script took about 30 seconds to open but unity stopped responding for about 10 minutes. I tried it with a different script and the same thing happened, then I restarted my laptop, opened up the project and opened a different script and the same thing happened. This just started happening today. Anyone know why this is happening? I’m using the MacBook Pro 2020 if that helps

Unity requires windows update KB2533623, which isn’t available to download on Windows since January 2020. I’d get the KB3063858 update, or, if possible, the KB4457144 update, and it should work then. If you can’t get both, you need to download KB3063858 at minimum. If you already have them, and it still doesn’t work, try to make a DEP Exception.

Sorry I’m late.