Unity not splicing my spritesheet accurately. My png file looks good when zoomed in but Unity is scaling it down by itself!

I created a svg using inkscape and then exported it to a png file and then imported into unity for splicing but it didn’t work out well.

  1. first of all the quality of the imported image was not the quality in which I exported
    2)second the auto splicing did quite well but it left a small border for all the sprites. the trim didn’t work out. There is a lot of sprites in it and I cannot do it manually for all of them. its just so difficult can anyone tell me where I am going wrong?

If the quality has changed it is most likely due to either downscaling or compression. If you want the best quality for your sprites go to the import settings of your spritesheet and set the max resolution to 4096 and the format to truecolor. This will give you pretty much exactly what you imported into it with no changes made on unitys end.

As for the slicing, if the trim isn’t doing anything that is probably due to something being on the edge of the box (even something really transparent or small will do it. A screenshot would be helpful but I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I’d suggest removing whatever is blocking the trim from working in inkscape and then trying it again.

I had the same problem as Vickylance, and I followed Turkeybag’s answer which got me close. I did need one more refinement.

First, my tiles abutted each other perfectly, and no matter what settings I tried, they ended up having a little bleed from the adjacent tiles. I ended up modifying my original Inkscape SVG to produce the image with 2px between each tile, and then set the splicer to use a 2px padding.

Additionally I had set the filter mode to “Point (none)”. Setting it to “Trilinear” cleared up some pixelation that was occurring.