unity npapi is completly gone

um chrome got rid of npapi so now what can i do?

Well, there is no real alternative out there. You can try to export a WebGL build in unity. However WebGL is even more limited than the webplayer. Even google claimed that there are alternative plugin APIs out there, non of them is considered a standard yet and almost no plugin supports them. The “Netscape Plugin API” was the defacto standard for years. With that step google hasn’t made much friends ^^.

On the other hand the API is quite old and is lacking some required features. It’s also considered quite “insecure” in some cases. So by dropping the support of that API google actually enforces the development and spreading of alternatives. However switching to a new plugin API requires a complete rewrite of the plugin and most companies don’t have the time and money to do that right now. At the moment just a few users are actually affected, The current solutions for Unity games are:

  • Don’t use Chrome (or any browser that also has dropped the API support)
  • Switch to WebGL if possible.