Unity OBJ MTL from server to client

So with my upcoming project we are trying to achieve bundling mesh (OBJ / MTL + jpeg texture) into unity resource which we can load into client.

Currently we are importing obj into unity client with Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making and parsing OBJ at runtime. But with 26mb+ objs parsing is really slow (40s) and take a lot of client device resources. Fact that unity not allowing us to use API outside of main thread make this even harder for us.

We were hoping that we can somehow bundle objs on server and provide client just pre bundled unity package. We want to be able to generate it on demand, bundling in Editor is not possible.

So my question is, is there API in unity we can use to import mesh and create pre bundled resource?
I guess lot of people solve this problem, so kindly asking for advice so we don’t have to invent wheel again.


is this what you’re looking for?