Unity Objects blurring when camera moves

Hey all,

I’m building my first Unity game in Unity 5.2, and right now it’s just a simple block that moves on leeft-mouse click. I’ve made a scene that’s a big flat terrain object, and a few thinned 3D cubes for walls. My player is a cube that moves on left mouse click by raycasting.

The issue I’m having is the graphics when my player character moves. If I move, the walls blur like mad. For example, if I start in the above image, and click on the white dot to the right of the starting position, the game screen looks like this after moving:

I set and backed a nav mesh with the walls set as static, and I took the Colliders for the walls and the terrain off. Does anyone see what I might be missing, or what I might be seeing this blur?

Thanks for your time!

I figured it out!
There is a setting on the camera (in my case, the MainCamera) called “Clear Flags”. If you have your Clear Flags set to “None”, you will have the same problem I did…

For those who still have flickering moving around…

if you are using FixedUpdate() to move your character (in your player controller) and you’re using Cinemachine, then make sure that you have “Update method”: “Fixed Update” under your CinemachineBrain (which is your main camera’s component).

I was using FixedUpdate in my PlayerMovement script and CinemachineBrain > “Update Method”: “Smart Update” and I was getting major flickering when moving around. Changing the setting to “Fixed Update” solved the problem completely.