unity - on a raspberry pi?

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Unity 4 supports linux (apparently) , so could it support linux on a rasberry pi?
for those of you who dont know , the rassberrypi (rasberrypi.org) is a £25 “Linux Box”. It has 256MB RAM (not much but it was fine for a laptop 5 years ago) and the HDD is a flash card.

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No, the Linux Export feature cannot be used for the Rasberry Pi because the Rasberry Pi uses ARM architecture and we will only be exporting for Linux on x86 and amd64 architectures from Unity.

That’s a shame.

It could have almost been the Unity3D console :wink:
Such a cool device.

I hear that Minecraft is moving there also.

Branding wise it’s in line with the core Unity3D demographic.


Starting from Unity 4.0, Unity applications can be published to Linux(as of this writing only has Ubuntu support).

Unity Technologies still do not provide a Unity Editor for Linux, but if you are able to get Wine working on Raspberry Pi then the Unity Editor can be run on Linux. See the community set up wiki page - http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_on_Linux_through_Wine

Otherwise you may set up a Mac or Windows Virtual Machine on Linux to run the Unity Editor.

I’ve got it to work but it’s not the best results.

Here is a how to