Unity on an Embeded PC System? Like an Arcade Game? Suggestions?

We are looking at new engines for some arcade game systems. i.e. a stand alone box that takes quarters in a location. We (and a lot of other companies) normally use a linux system because we can pull out everything we don't need to make the system run. Since unity does not seem to be supporting linux for the moment, but we do like it's possibilities and support, we were thinking about what we could do to make this happen. Should we run a windows box? Should we try and run a android box? Has anyone else tried this? Linux, once it's set up seems to be able to work forever without changes. For some reason, windows boxes without change, always seem to kill themselves, and can't run forever.

Thanks in advance!

I understand your concerns with windows so I'm not gonna recommend that. For android my company is actually going to move into it soon but we're currently impeded with the fact that Unity Android is still only in beta version. Based on experience Unity gives the more stability after 1 or 2 patches so I'll recommend you to wait till that comes out before you decide. But I personally think Android is a pretty good platform to try out. Unity was also initially created for MAC. you might want to consider that as an area of thought too.