Unity on Linux Ubuntu 10.10

I have never heard of unity before, I was trying to download a game & it said that I needed to down load unity to play it but I cant find anything that says that it is or is not compatible with Linux Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit can anyone answer this for me?

It's not currently compatible on linux, no

They're thinking of adding in support for linux web games, but that could be any amount of time

Thanks for the clear answer. It was hard to find some documentation on this. +1 :slight_smile:

If you were talking about the game requiring the Unity Web Player, then here is the answer.

Unity Technologies do not provide a Unity Web Player for Linux browsers. I also haven’t heard any plans on doing so.


Previously Linux users tried to install Windows versions of internet browsers to run the Unity Web Player using Wine.

The Pipelight project has made a plugin for native Linux browsers. It still uses Wine, but at least you won’t deal with Windows versions of internet browsers. See the community set up wiki page - http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_Web_Player_on_Linux_using_Pipelight