Unity Opening Multiple Visual Studios When Double Clicking On Scripts.


I’m using the most recent version of Unity and in the Help > About window it says the Visual Studio Tools are enabled. However, when I double click on a script it always opens an new instance of Visual Studio. So if I double click the same script 3 times, I get 3 different visual studios. Does anyone know how to stop this? I am using Visual Studio Community 2015. Thank you for your help.


@jay-Pickle The Answer is here:

Repair Visual Studio.

Have you ever changed the project name? You can fix it by updating the files’ name or the project name.,I fixed mine by correcting the project name. I changed it before this happens. You can either search for files inside your project folder and update the names, or you can change the project name back.

If you go into the projectsettings there should be a editor section, have you tried checking there to see what visual studio version you’re using ?

Wait for the Visual Studio interface to finish updating before clicking on your new Unity Script. Visual Studio works fine then (for me), but DOES create a new instance of itself if I don’t wait for the UI to show “Ready”.

I managed to stop this from happening by closing the “Untitled” workspace in VS Code. The two VS Code instances showed two different workspaces, one with the same name as my Unity project and the second with “Untitled”. Other solutions didn’t work for me, but I had been doing some work in VS Code unrelated to Unity. I believe that confused things.

I am facing the same problem here in 2020 with Unity 2019.4.12 and Visual Studio 2019.
Closing VS, VSCode, Unity and the Hub does not solve the problem. Also not restarting the computer.
Then I deleted the packages-lock.json, SourceAssetDB-lock, ArtifactDB-lock and the .vs folder in my project. I closed Unity, the Hub, VSCode and VS again and restarted my project… then fortunately the problem disappeared. One more thing, I think only removing the .vs folder does the trick.