UNITY opening : seriously crashes

Dear Unity support, Moderators, users,

The problem (deeply deceiving) :

  1. Opening Unity :
  2. Create a project : "name it " then “create project”
  3. Untity simply leaves. Nothing, sweept out.


  1. I check in C:\documents…
  2. I find the project folder…but empty


i re-open Unity after i had checked for severals topics on this subject…
The same, i’ve tried the very last version till (backward) Unity 5.6.5f1…

Many people has the same odds and nobody had received any comments from UNITY or eventual interest from the support. you can watch to the forums about this problem.

Unity flushes out itself when you try to create or open a project, that’s a fact.

So, thank you already if anybody found any recovery solution or pointed efficiently the problem, because i’ve noticed we’re “legion” since July 2017 to have encountered this serious problem : just blocking and disqualifying.

Thank twice.

alr + + +

Hi, mySelf and potential readers,

Just to report a changing of the situation. May could help any one having the same problem.

To day i’ve upgraded my RAM from 4Gb to 8Gb. Unity now starts normally. (i’ve just test as a last last attempt and pop ! it opened…so).
As Am not a specialist, may be i’ve missed some "minimum system requirments ", dunno.


alr + + +