Unity opens 20+ windows, when importing asset

So, I’m trying to import the “Toms Terrain Tools” into a project. And when I do it gives me a loader that says something like " Decompressing asset"

After it’s been doing that for 5 minutes, it opens ALOT of random windows of stuff I have on my computer. Does anyone know what it is, and have a solution to it?

This is still a bug even with Unity 5. It’s been happening forever.

I’ve been having the same problem with a 160 MB asset I got from the asset store (Cartoon Forest Environment). Unity 5.0.2.f1 Personal. Opens a bunch of different random programs (some of them have weird acting unclosable windows).

It happens during the decompression phase, the 7z.exe bundled with unity will run at 1-3% cpu for 5-7 minutes, the progress bar will not move at all, then suddenly a BUNCH of windows will pop up.

Tried importing asset again, didn’t work… Tried reinstalling unity, didn’t work, I just reinstalled windows as well, so had a very clean install (only essentials like chrome, 7zip, vlc) but I still had the problem.

Workaround / fix!

  1. Import project in the asset store. (downloads it)
  2. Let unity crash and reboot (or if there is a way to prevent this by hitting cancel on the decompression, do it)
  3. Start unity and open a project
  4. Go to “C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x” and double click the file, this will decompress and import the asset into the current project