Unity OpenXR - Changing "eyetextureresolutionscale" at runtime crashes on Android build

I recently updated my OpenXR project from 2021.3.21f1 to 2021.3.37f1

In my project, you can modify the eyetextureresolutionscale via a slider, ranging from 0.8 to 1.5.
Knowing that changing that value at runtime can be taxing, I implemented a "Confirm/Cancel" prompt to only apply this change once, instead of everytime this value is changed via the slider.

This worked fine on Unity 2021.3.21f1 on all my targeted platforms : PCVR (tested with Quest 2 & 3 via Meta Quest Airlink and SteamVR), and Android (tested on Quest 2 & 3 as well).

Since updating the Editor to 2021.3.37f1, changing this value systematically crashes on Android builds, but still works fine on PCVR.

Is that a known issue? And in that case, is there anything I can do to fix it?

Same issue with quest 3 on LTS 2022.3.26f1
Setting the EyeTextureResolutionScale to anything over 1 at start (even 1.01) immediately crashes the app

edit: For people who just want to set a fixed resolution: simply change the Render Scale setting in your URP asset.
Should also be noted that changing the URP Render Scale at runtime also produces an instant crash just like with EyeTextureResolutionScale.

Stuck here as well. It's wierd that this bug is not really reported in any way, the default resolution for Quest 3 is really muddy.

Does anyone have an idea how to workaround this for the Build-In pipeline?

I filed a bug report for this issue, will let you know as soon as its appearing in the issue tracker!

I'm using built-in as well. Didn't find a workaround, just went back to Unity 2021.3.21f1 and everything works fine again

The Bug has been confirmed by the Unity Team and the status can be tracked here: