Unity package building problem


When I'am building a package from a simple scene it looks like build is not including my script files for example moving camera script. Everything works fine in the unity development tool but after building a package my scene is dead. By dead i mean camera is not moving, and application dosen't on user call. I'm a Unity3D beginner so i'm asking if should i build a package in some special way to include scripts (js) from my workspace? For now I'm keeping them in the defualt scripts folder.

Add Debug statements and look into the logfiles of the player. In windows you can find this in the `..._Data` directory (... is name of your build), look for `output_log.txt`. On Mac this is in `~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log`. Possibly an exception prevented the camera from working.

none of those worked for me. still having a huge problem right before a frekin final.