Unity Package Manager Error: An error occured while resolving packages

I have started a project on an OctoBouncer which bounces a ping-pong ball. The mechanical design is already done. Meanwhile, the software is run with Unity. For the software, I used a code provided on Github: GitHub - T-Kuhn/HighPrecisionStepperJuggler: a.k.a Octo-Bouncer. Highly precise stepper motor driving with a Teensy 4.0 and custom pulse generating algorithm and PC based image processing with the goal of getting a machine to juggle a ping pong ball.. However I receive the following issue when trying to open the project in Unity:

I have checked and the package file is located in the correct location as the error message. I am using unity editor version 2022.3.2f1. I did some research and they said to try deleting the package file as this file is automatically generated when opening the project, however, this did not solve the issue.

If I click on continue I receive compilation errors because assembly references are missing which I assume is caused because the project is not loaded correctly due to invalid dependences.

Besides this I tried uninstalling and installing unity - also did not solve the problem. Would appreciate any help to solve the issue so I can test the code.