Unity Package Manager Error

I can’t start my unity there is a unity package manager error. My unity version is 2018.4.14f1 , OS: Windows 10


It looks like It is complaining that you are behind a proxy. Have you tried the solution posted here ?


"setting proxy env vars?

export HTTP_PROXY=“http://user:password@host:portnumber”
export HTTPS_PROXY=“http://user:password@host:portnumber”

Replace user, password, host and portnumber with the ones of your proxy."

thanks for answer but how i can know my host and portnumber and my user and password is UnityId?

What I did to fix it was download the older version of unity (for me it was 2018) and swap out the unitypackagemanager.exe for the old one which worked. You can find it in “Unity Editor\2019.3.13f1\Editor\Data\Resources\PackageManager\Server”