Unity Package Manager Exception: self signed certificate in certificate chain

this is not an issue with code that I am writing, but with the actual Unity application. I sometimes use my work pc to work on my projects from home, but when I open the project I receive the following error

Cannot perform upm operation: self signed certificate in certificate chain [NotFound] 

Now I was told by my office that this is usually handled by installing the certificate chain into the application (to force unity to trust the self-signed certs produced by my company). but every time I look up something for this I get routed to questions involving someone writing for their own applications, and not anyone dealing with this from Unity itself.

my question is this:

How do I get unity to accept the Certificate Chain from my work?

+1 Unity needs an option to ignore that. Like npm strict-ssl false. If there is no already an option. Is seems like Unity does not access the certificates of the OS (Windows 10).
Or the package manager it self. maybe it’s a separated system?

Hello @judohurley, I am in the exact same situation (very strict proxy / firewall corporate policies). I can use the asset store but the new package manager prints out the error:

Cannot perform upm operation: self signed certificate in certificate chain [NotFound]

Did you find a solution / workaround?

Same Problem!

Solution Download the file and do an offline install.
you can find a list of packages here:


Download links can be found by clicking in the corresponding folder on ‘-’. This will lead you all versions.

e.g. The URL for AI Planer looks like this:

Regards !!!

@Unity, please introduce proxy and cert settings!

I have this problem from my corporate network as well. Our network is extremely locked down. I cannot install Cinemachine (or other packages) because Unity is apparently self-signing their certs.

I need some way to add these certs to Unity’s trust-store. Does anyone know how?

I cannot even log into the Asset Store from inside Unity because of (apparently) the same issue, yet I can log in via a web-browser (which does not help me install packages).

I know people always “need” things ASAP, so it’s almost redundant to say it. In my case, my project has to be demoed at a trade-show in 2 weeks.