Unity Package Uninstall or complete uninstall

Hello, I have been trying to run unity for quite a while, unsucsessfully of course, because when I installed it I also installed the detonator package. My computer had an issue installing the pack, and now if I try to run unity it shows the screen that says "Importing Package" then just shuts down Unity. I get the "Send Error report" thing but I have unity on a computer without internet. First, I am wondering if there is a way to uninstall an individual package ENTIRELY. Second, If there is no way to uninstall a package, is there a way to completely uninstall Unity, Registration and all? I've tried deleting the C:Programfiles/Unity ect. and then reinstalling it and that failed, and I tried the normal uninstall, which also didn't work. I can't get into unity so going to preferences is impossible. I use Windows 7, and Unity 2.6.1. I am new to Unity and have been looking at it for a while, have a good game idea but I cant get the program to work.

Package Uninstaller

Search you computer for the detonator package. Remove it from the unity project assets then when you open unity it won't start installing because it is not in the assets folder anymore.

Press Alt + N to show the Project Wizard. If you start this the screen of "Importing Package" is going to disappear.

Remember to delete them from Project tab, if not unity editor will re-create .meta files automatically again and again