Unity Particle Effects Acting Very Strangely

In my game, bombs drop on castle and then explode

For the first few second of my game the particle effects for the explosion works. The particle effects are made using the unity particle systems:

As you can see below, the particle effects in the scene view are also in the game view:


However after a few second the particle effects start to glitch out and while they appear in the scene view, they do not appear in the game view:

Explosion 2

Above there is a massive explosion in the scene view but nothing in the game view.

I can make the particle effects work by doing a few weird things:

If I remove the walls on my castle the particles will suddenly work. The walls just contain a sprite renderer component, no script or anything.

If I make a looping particle effect when the effect is visible on the game screen the particle effects start working but when I drag it off the screen even though its still working(I see it in the scene view) because its not in the game screen my explosion particle effects instantly stop working.

Extra info:

Using Unity2D mode.
The particle effects are in front of the camera.
The particle effects are on the correct layer.

It’s not visible in game view because your particles start moving past your camera’s z axis(-10). Make sure you place your particles way ahead of camera or emit them in the opposite direction of camera if possible.