Unity Payment Profile Question. Can I use G instead of Ğ in a W-8BEN form?

I created a payment profile on the Unity Asset Store.

However, there is a letter Ğ in my last name which Unity does not seem to accept. Therefore, I used G instead. Nonetheless, providing incorrect information on the W-8BEN form is prohibited.

If I use G instead of Ğ, would that be considered a violation or is it permissible?

I faced a similar problem before with a capital i and İ. So I used I instead.

Unity proceeded with my payment but money never got into my account. It was a small amount so I never investigated it and forgot about it. More than a year later, I created another bank account then I received the money unexpectedly. In my case, the automated bank software held my money until a human intervention and when I opened a new bank account, my account manager working in the bank noticed waiting payment order and let it pass.

So my advice would be to contact your bank and ask them beforehand. If they agree, you may get your payment.

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My last question is:

I can’t use the letter Ğ in my last name on Form W-8BEN, so I used G instead of Ğ.
Does It Create Legal Problems?