Unity PC build not working properly but Mac is

This is our issue. The developer is able to run the Mac version of our program just fine on his machine but the .EXE he creates runs on any PC but the GUI is incorrect and none of the functionality seems to be working. We have tried republishing the .EXE twice, tried running as admin when we run the .EXE and tried moving the files off a network drive onto the machines hard drive. None of these seem to make the program run properly.

By program I mean a program built in Unity, not Unity itself. Our next effort will be to move all the code into the standard assets folder and republish. There is no crash or error output by the .EXE on launch, the program launches then the GUI appears off and no interactivity is working.

I have this exact same issue. So far i have migrated the project folder from my mac to windows pc and when i build, i get the same errors with unscaled GUI, hidden mouse cursors and bright lightings…