unity personal version ?

hi, i am new to unity , is my first install.
i just use the hub to install unity peronal today.

why is the 2018.4.18f1 get installed ?
do is this the accesible version as peronal ?
if not, how to update to the real current version ?


Each year cycle there are 4 major updates. The 4th update of the year (X.4) is the “Long Term Support” update, which basically means that its stable and that Unity won’t be making any changes to it. 2018.4 is the most recent LTS update, 2019.4 has not been released yet. 2018.4 will work great for most of the stuff you want to do, if you want to experiment with some of Unity’s newest stuff then you can always install a newer version of Unity in the Unity Hub → Installs tab. Unity hub allows you to have multiple Unity versions installed at a time and tracks which version to use for each project you make. You can also always upgrade any Unity project to a newer version at any point, it usually just takes a little massaging to get everything working again.

Hoo, nice.

great thx for the quick answer.

Congrats on getting something installed. I’ve tried on 2 different machines and 2 different networks. It gets stuck at the point of install. Any suggestions?
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