Unity Photon game scoreboard (player properties) any clear tutorials?

I have looked around and wand haven’t found a clear tutorial how to build a scoreboard in photon.
(Kills / deaths) using custom player properties in photon.
I can add Kills / deaths to player properties, my problem is displaying the Scores
in every player in my game, and display their Score / Name.
this should be a very simple thing but theirs no tutorials on it…


I can add Kills / deaths to player properties

in this case you are already halfway through. Next step is to collect the data and bring it in a format your future scoreboard can work with. A simple solution might a list represented by a single string which contains player names, kills and deaths. For example:

string scores = string.Empty;

foreach (PhotonPlayer p in PhotonNetwork.playerList)
    scores += p.NickName + " Kills:" + p.CustomProperties["kills"] + " Deaths" + p.CustomProperties["deaths"] + "


You now have a simple list which can be displayed in the OnGUI() function, for example:

public void OnGUI()

This a very simple solution, if you want to make it look more fancy and / or build the UI in the Editor and not from script, you need something similar to collect the player data and make it visible on the UI.

@ChristianSimon hello I wanted to know how are we adding score to the player I did not find anything to sujuet on google