Unity Physics and real Physics

Hello im in the process of choosing my school subjects and was wondering if learning physics in school would help with my coding?

Yes. Most definitely yes.

Unity physics is based on classic Newtonian physics. You will also learn vector math which is helpful.

I would also recommend any maths subjects you can get your hands on, at as high a level as you can handle. Linear algebra in particular.

With your coding? Yes.

But as to what subjects would help you make good games? Anything - history, geography, music, art, literature, classics. Expand your mind, learn as much as you can about everything. You can be the best coder in the world, but if you don’t have any creativity or imagination to back it up, your games will be rubbish.

@BoredMormon and @tanoshimi have already specified that it will surely help you with coding.

I just would like to tell you that the physics engines used in game engines (2D and 3D) are based on the real physics itself. These physics engines do use real world concepts and equations in them so it would certainly be useful for you.

You can use physics in your games even if you don’t learn too much about physics in school but having a knowledge of physics will take you few notches up and you will know why something works and not just use it because it says so.

One more thing is to learn and understand physics you need to be good at mathematics. If you are good in both you will have a lot knowledge as to how things work and can tweak things easily to suit your needs easily. You can even write code that you understand how it works and not just copy paste codes of other to make things work.

Sometimes it is also required in games to create your custom physics engines (basic ones to advanced features) rather than using in-built physics engine in your game engine.

The underline is that you need to learn before you leap to code. Now you can learn by yourself or you can learn at school. Learning at school is better than just doing it by yourself since it is lot easier to learn things at school rather than doing it trial and error by yourself.

Best luck! :slight_smile: