unity pink problem material

Hi!! my problem is that all my textures have turned bright pink, this everytime I turn off computer and turn it on again … idk why !! I try to looking for solutions in google … didn’t work.
and I remove project and open the first code source and its work but again when I turn off computer and turn it on agian … same problem
thank you for help

Hi! If you got the pink error problem, it is probably because your material was lost.

As @Zitoox said (He summed it up, so I’m basically elaborating what you said)

If you post a photo, it would help us on the forum a LOT. In addition, Ways they can be lost if you are wondering :

  • Material was deleted
  • Plain out Corrupted
  • Object was removed, then readded too quickly

Ways you can find it :

  • If you have a backup, restore that backup.
  • Find it in the editor, make the item again, then apply the material.

Hope it all gets resolved.

If all these materials share the same shader - it may be related to an error in the shader.
Try to create a new material with this shader to find out.