Unity Plastic SCM version control died on us during development: "Not connected, try reconnecting" Question

Hello everyone! I have a very urgent problem and I will just paste what I have submitted to the official support for Unity version control. I hope someone can help us out and save our A****.

Subject: Urgent Assistance Needed: Unity Version Control Issues
Dear Unity Version Control Support,
We are experiencing a critical issue with our Unity project’s version control system, and we urgently require your assistance to resolve the problem. Please find the details of the issue below:
Our project’s Unity version control has become completely non-functional:

(Screenshot provided)
We are unable to access the version control on any of our devices, and the most recent version is not up to date. Additionally, we have encountered a strange error in the Plastic SCM app, and we are uncertain if our version control was even associated with the organization that appears to be causing the problem.

(Screenshot provided)
We attempted to copy the project using File Explorer and create a new Unity version control repository from the copied project. However, this did not resolve the issue, and we received the same error. It seems we were unable to create a new repository for the copied project, as it was still linked to the previous, non-functional repository.

(Screenshot of the new project showing the same issue)
Our priority is to regain access to our old repository or, at the very least, retrieve the latest committed version of the project. If that is not possible, we would be satisfied with decoupling the current project from the problematic repository and creating a new repository with the project’s current state on one of our devices.
This issue is causing a significant disruption in our development process, as our entire team is waiting for a resolution. As a last resort, we plan to create a new project tomorrow morning and manually transfer all assets from the old project, but we anticipate that this approach will lead to complications and consume a week of troubleshooting. We are therefore seeking your expert guidance to help us resolve this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
To summarize, we have three main questions:

Is there a way to fix this issue and restore the functionality of our version control system?

Can we retrieve the last version that was uploaded/committed to version control?

Is it possible to decouple our project from the current, problematic version control repository?

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
banana111 Project Manager WanJolf2

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