Unity Player Accounts not available as a Unity Authentication Provider


I've been following the SDK integration for Unity Player Accounts with Unity Authentication here:SDK integration (unity.com) and it seems from my end I do not see Player Accounts as an Authentication Identity Provider.

Is this not fully released yet or the Open Beta does not support this?

It is not yet released as open beta, currently still closed. There is additional setup required in order for people to use it. I‘m certain it will be released soon.

Hello [mention|koNFYuQ8yFjl6ELGL4nMBg==] ! Unity Player Accounts is now in Open Beta. Please refer to this forum post for more details! Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you!

Well, my answer didn't age well :smile:. So happy to see it now entering open beta!

Nah - Thank you so much for always helping and supporting the community!